Structure and Tasks

  The Faculty Management team headed by the Dean is responsible for supervising and monitoring the intra-faculty QM system. The Dean's tasks and responsibilities are defined in Art. 20 of the University's Basic Constitutuion. The Dean is supported by the Vice Dean, the Vice Dean for Research and Young Academics and the Dean of Studies. At the Faculty of Human Sciences, the Dean of Studies ist in charge of the strategic development of teaching and studies. Art. 22 of the Basic Constitution stipulates his tasks.

The Faculty Council is the Faculty's decision-making body. It appointed an advisory committee - the Commission for Teaching and Studies (Fakultäts-LSK). Other advisory committee is the Commission for Research and Young Academics (FNK).

The Faculty of Human Sciences has established Study Commissions who prepare new degree programs and revise and extend existing ones. Art. 23 Basic Constitution stipulates their tasks.

The Examining Boards usually consist of members of the study commissions. They decide about proposals of students and teaching staff regarding the application of regulations relevant for a course of studies. They appoint the module commissioners and deal with all issues related to recognition and consideration of credits, grading, and examinations. The tasks of examination boards are regulated in §§ 2 and 15 BAMA-O and BAMALA.

Regular meetings of the Dean of Studies, the Quality Management Officer and the chairpersons of Study Commission and the Examining Boards are held to discuss and coordinate the activities for improvement and to exchange information. They have become an opinion-forming platform, which promotes a dialogue-based quality culture. The group is to evaluate the annual report abourt target achievements at  the Faculty and to discuss the resulting measures for imporvement. They also decide on the medium-term aims for the following year.

The Quality Management Officer is responsible for ensuring the quality standards in teaching and studying. He/she is charge of scientifically monitoring, developing and analyzing the QM system. The QM Coordinator initiates, coordinates and evaluates projects designed to imporove the quality of studies. He/she assists the Dean of Studies in the strategic development of teaching and studying at the Faculty and supports and avises the departments and the persons responsible for the degree programs.