Processes and Procedures

Developing a new degree program

Development of a new degree program shall be first descussed with the Dean of Studies and the QM Officer. During the meeting, you will get the details of the respective procedure and establish a schedule for implementing the different steps.


Continuing an existing degree program

Any planned amendment to regulations requires a subject-related consultation within the Study Commission and a preliminary talk with the Dean of Studies and the QM Officer. During this meeting you will decide about the individual steps and responsiblities and also establish a schedule for implementing these steps. If amendments are made to a degreee program that offer modules or courses for students of other degree programs, members of the study commission of the respective degree programs will be invited as well. 


Other amendments to rules and regulations

It is necessary to amend current regulations (course regulations, admission regulations, etc.) if new general admission regulations become effective at the University of Potsdam, which then require amendments. The QM Officer supports the Study Commissions in this process. Any amendments to Faculty regulations (doctoral program regulations, evaluation regulations) involve representatives of the Faculty and Development and Planning Commission (EPK). 

Important note on procedures:

The following diadlines are valid:

  • Jun. 30 -  for statutes that should become effectiv for the next winter semester
  • Jan. 31 - for statutes that should become effective for nest summer semester


Degree programs are further developed in a dialogic process. We would ask you to contact the Office of the Dean of Studies early enough if you want to further develop a degree program. Please note that only the Office of the Dean of Studies can submit faculty-related regulations for final revision. The Dean of Studies will ensure that only those regulations compliant with the quality standards will be considered for a decision-making process.

Please note that objections or complaints can only be rectified after the first auditing loop. No further substantive amendments shall be made after the Faculty Council took its decision.

We are happy to advise and assist you in all matters related to developing a new study program. Our literature database includes a wide range of titles and publications related to university issues. Do you need help in preparing module description.? Upon request, we will send you additional information about:

  • competence-based teaching
  • competence-based examinations
  • career orientation during studies
  • acquiring extra-curricular competences
  • methods in higher education didactics
  • introductory study phase
  • alternative examinations concepts
  • and much more!