Any Questions or Problems?

Is the examination load to high? Are there problems in teaching? The Faculty of Human Sciences has established an institutionalized conflict management system for students and teaching staff using a solution-oriented approach. Different contact persons are dealing with problems at different levels. If a complaint cannot be resolved in this way, you can contact the Dean of Studies and to visit his office hour.

Persons in charge of teaching and studies at a glance:

Dean of Studies

  • is responsible for the development of teaching and studies, ensures a broad range of courses and a good quality of student advisory services. He/she is also in charge of the Faculty's conflict management (Art. 22 GrundO)

Chairperson of the Examining Board

decides about applications of students and teaching staff regarding the implementation of discipline-specific study and examination regulations, credits and recognition of academic achievements, and compensation of hardships (disadvantages (§ 2 and §§ 16-16 BAMA-O and BAMALA-O)

Members of Study Commissions

  • extend existing degree programs, prepare new degree programs and see to the implementation of improvement measures deduced from evaluation (Art. 23 GrundO)

Degree Program Coordinatiors

  • are the first point of contact for students, teaching staff and the divisions for all issues related to application, admission, curriculum, structure, organization, and aims of a degree program

Module Coordinatiors

  • are responsible for developing a module, coordinating the available degree programs and examinations. They are also responsible for supporting and advising the teaching staff in the course of ongoing teaching activities (§ 2 BAMA-O/BAMALA-O)

Departmental Advisors

  • advise students on issues related to admission, application, structure and aims of a degree program and changing the field of studies

Exchange Program Coordinators

  • advise students studying at the University who plan a semester at another university and foreign students who want to study for a semester at the University of Potsdam; they also provide information about mobility programs

Intership Coordinators

  • advise students on issues related to (compulsory) interships, finding and funding an intership

Bafög Coordinators

  • advise students of a department on issues related to the German federal Training Assistance Act (Bafög)

Departmental Student Representative Commitee


  • represent the interests of students in the respective department

For a current list of persons holding a position, please click here.