Questions and Answers

Photo: Thomas Roese

Campus Festival - what exactly is that?

The Campus Festival has developed out of the University’s sports day. In 2013 we decided to extend the sports day and create a festival that addresses students and staff of all departments alike. So the Campus Festival was born. It includes:

  • Campus Games (University Athletic Department)
  • Campus Charity (Press and Public Relations Department)
  • Campus Science (Potsdam Graduate School)
  • Campus Health (Health Steering Committee)
  • Campus Family (Service for Families)

The big success of the first Campus Festival with more than 800 visitors showed us that this was a good idea. In 2014 we organized an even bigger and more colorful Campus Festival and a new area was added - the Campus Science (Potsdam Graduate School). The second Campus Festival was a big success, too. We hope that the Campus Festival will become firmly established in the academic year.

Where and when does the Campus Festival take place?

The Campus Festival takes place at the end of June at and around the sports ground of the Campus Am Neuen Palais.

Who can take part in the Campus Festival?

Students, teachers and staff of the University as well as their friends and families are most welcome. Of course, also anyone who wants to do sports, try new things or just want to have a look.

Where can I register for the tournaments?

You can register for the tournaments on the website of the University Athletic Department. You can usually register from April/May onwards, but hurry up because the number of participants is limited.

What exactly is the tournament of the faculties?

In this tournament, as the name says, the faculties of the University compete against each other. The administrative divisions can also take part, of course. Ideally a team consists of:

  • 1 lecturer or scientific staff member
  • 1 administrative or non-scientific staff member
  • 3 Students

Alternatively, we are also happy about any team registration with 3 – 5 faculty members.
Each team has to complete 5 exercises in coordination or skills out of the ordinary within a given time to score points for their faculty. No matter whether you are sporty or not, everybody can manage these exercises in leisure wear. The exercises have to be completed alone, in groups of two or as a whole team. The faculty with the most points becomes the faculty champion of the University of Potsdam.

If you want to take part in the tournament of the faculties, you can register on the website of the University Athletic Department.

What can I do and see at the Campus Festival?

Where to start?! In addition to the football and volleyball tournaments of the Campus Games there are many other great activities. At Campus Health you can learn a lot about various health topics and try out many things that can make studying and working easier. At Campus Family the young ones are in for a treat. They can play, romp, and do handicrafts. Campus Science is for smart minds because the knowledge quiz is quite tough. And this is only the program for the day. So just come by and enjoy the varied program.

How much does admission to the Campus Festival cost?

The admission to the Festival is free of charge. You just have to pay a small entry fee if you want to take part in the tournaments.

I would like to participate in the program of the Campus Festival. Who do I have to contact?


You are a band or a soloist. You can juggle, dance or present fancy things. This might be something for our evening program. Please contact Julia Schoenberner in the University Athletic Department  (jschoenb(at); 0331/977-1395).

The Campus Festival sounds like an interesting event. I would like to participate and contribute as a sponsor.

We always look for sponsors. If you want to support us, please do not hesitate to contact Julia Schoenberner in the University Athletic Department (jschoenb(at); 0331/977-1395).