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Questions and Answers

Photo: Thomas Roese

Why does the Campus Festival exist?

The Campus Festival developed in 2013 from the University Sports Festival, which already existed for more than 60 years. In that year, other university departments joined the academic sports and developed an event concept that offered many cultural as well as informative contents in addition to the sporting highlights. The joint decision did not come about by chance. While many faculties and departments celebrate their own justified small summer festivals, the university lacked a central event that is primarily directed inwards and connects all departments, institutes and faculties of the University of Potsdam. The Campus Festival takes on this task and entertains, informs and encourages exchange.

We believe that study time is not only about subjects, but above all about people. People who have many reasons to study at Potsdam or to realize their potential. This is what we want to enjoy and celebrate on this day: The diversity and community.

What is the Campus Festival and how is it organized?

The three pillars " Explore, Experience, Enjoy" offer a wide range of activities for everyone. It enables members of the university to discover and experience the University of Potsdam in a new way and to relax in their surroundings. " Exploring" the University of Potsdam with all the associated offerings is intended to awaken new and old interests. We would also like to jointly create opportunities to " Experience" this diversity - whether it be movement offers, discussion rounds or workshops. The last pillar, "Enjoy", is particularly aimed at strengthening the bond to the university and the people associated with it.

What can I experience at the Campus Festival?

Where to start! Find out about current topics and areas that aim to make your life at the university easier. Enjoy the hustle and bustle with a cool drink and a tasty snack. Have fun with one of the many activities. Engage in lively discussions with representatives of the student body. Marvel at our artists during our acrobatic and cultural stage program. Dance and jump together to our featured live act and DJ in the evening. There is so much to explore, experience and enjoy. Just come by and let's have a great time together.

Who can participate in the Campus Festival?

All students, faculty and staff of the university as well as their friends and families are welcome. And, of course, anyone else who wants to participate in sports, try something new, or have a great day.

What is the entrance fee for the Campus Festival?

The entrance fee for the festival is free.

I would like to be part of the Campus Festival. Who can I contact?

Are you a band or solo artist, can you juggle, dance or perform other fancy things? You are a department, an institute or a student council of the University of Potsdam and would like to present yourself to our guests? Then simply contact David Michel at the Academic Sports Center (; 0331/977-1621).

Are you a company that would like to present itself at the Campus Festival in order to get in touch with young academics, university employees or even young families? To do so, please contact Julia Schoenberner at the Academic Sports Center directly (; 0331/977-1395).