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National and international competitions for students

Rugby women team
Photo: John Seeger

University championships are more than a pure comparison of performance at a high level, because they combine aspects of competitive sports with student interests in socializing, communicating, and exchanging ideas. Registration for a competition always takes place via the office of the Academic Sports Center Potsdam and the competition sports officer. It is essential to follow the registration deadlines, which are already in mid-December for all major ball sports and individually for all other sports.

A successful participation in the German University Championships (DHM) can additionally qualify for European University Championships. Every year, the adh sends around 500 student athletes to international comparative competitions, European University Championships (EUC), World Student Championships (WUC) and Universiades.

While the students for the European University Championships are nominated by the respective discipline managers of the adh after successful participation in a DHM, the athletes of the Student World Championships as well as Winter and Summer Universiades are top student athletes who are in the national squads of their sports associations and qualify for their target competition through top international placements. The Academic Sports Center Potsdam also provides extensive support for Potsdam students in these competitions.

Repentance Fees

In case of non-fulfillment of a registration, repentance fees will be charged, which have to be paid by the athletes. The Academic Sports Center reserves the right to exclude these athletes from participating in the competitions for the following semesters!