Credit Points at the Academic Sports Center

Because of the continuing restrictions, no projects that could be worked on will take place in the winter semester. All events and competitions will be cancelled or postponed. Only the Pausenexpress and the Nonprofit Service Management will take place and can be taken via PULS.

As part of their Bachelor's degree, students of the University of Potsdam have the opportunity to develop their "soft skills" in addition to their academic education at the university - through the so-called key competencies. These are intended to increase the "employability", the labour market value of the students, in order to be better able to face social requirements. They are the so-called key to success. For this reason, we offer different projects in the Studiumplus area.

The info session for all available projects will take place on 5 November at 14:00 via Zoom. An invitation will be sent to all registered students via Puls. Those who cannot be present at this information event due to time constraints, please contact us in advance by e-mail. Requests after this time cannot be considered for the project allocation. Admission to PULS takes place after the project award on the following day.

Courses are to be taken via PULS by the official deadlines in the following modules:

Prüfungsversion WiSe 2013/14Prüfungsversion WiSe 2006/07 u. WiSe 2009/10
Ba-SK-Z-2 - Studentische Projekte
Ba-SK-W-1 - Politik, Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft

Modul 5 - Politik, Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft
Modul 7 - Animus, anima, corpus
Modul 10 - Kommunikation, Präsentation, Vermittlung

We have the following courses on offer in the winter semester 2020/2021*:

CourseTitle of the eventNumber of participantsCredit points


Innerbetriebliche Gesundheitsprävention

Trainer Pausenexpress/Studi-Pausenexpress



Promotionteam Pausenexpress


FamFIT Ferienwoche (SoSe 21)

GroßveranstaltungsmanagementNo offers in the current semester  
WettkampfmanagementNo offers in the current semester  

Folgende Kurse haben wir im Sommersemester 2019 im Angebot*:

DienstleistungsmanagementFotoserie für den Internetauftritt und allgemeine Anwerbungen/ Aktionen13
Innerbetriebliche GesundheitspräventionTrainer Pausenexpress5-103
VeranstaltungsmanagementPromotionteam Pausenexpress2-33
Evaluation Campus Festival23
Klitschnass Festival Water Games und Orga SoSe 201933
Jubiläumswoche Pausenexpress SoSe 201923
FamFIT Segelcamp13
Jumping-Party WiSe 2019/2023
WettkampfmanagementMini-Fußball-Turnier zum Campus Festival SoSe 201923
FIFA-20-Turnier WiSe 2019/2023
Hallenmasters Fußball WiSe 2019/2023
Badmintonturnier WiSe 2019/2023
Boulder-Cup WiSe 2019/201-23
Großveranstaltungsmanagementkeine Angebote im Sommersemester----

*Subject to change until the date of the information event.

Next date (Zoom):
Thursday, 05.11.2020
14:00 Uhr

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Julia Schoenberner

Coordinator Credit Points
Phone: +49 (0)331 977 1395
Mail: jschoenbuni-potsdamde