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Credit Points at the Academic Sports Center

As part of their bachelor's degree, students at the University of Potsdam have the opportunity to develop their "soft skills" in addition to their professional education at the university - through the so-called key competencies. These are intended to increase the "employability", the labor market value of the students, in order to better cope with social challenges. They are the so-called key to success. For this reason, we offer various projects in the Studiumplus area. In addition, students of the Bachelor of Sports Management as well as Sport Therapy & Prevention have the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge.

The info session for all available projects will take place on April 20 at 12:00. Those who cannot be present for this information event due to time constraints, please contact us in advance via email. Requests after this time cannot be considered for project assignment. Admission to PULS will take place after the project award the following day.

Courses must be taken via PULS by the official deadlines. It is possible to credit the performance as a key qualification (all degree programs) or via the compulsory module Project and Event Management in the degree program Sport Management (SPO-BA-035 or SpW-BM-400) or the advanced module Prevention and Therapy through Sport and Exercise in the degree program Sport Therapy & Prevention (SPO-BA-033).

We have the following courses on offer in the summer semester 2023*:

CourseTitle of the eventNumber of participants
Innerbetriebliche Gesundheitsprävention



VeranstaltungsmanagementMay 25, Campus Festival3
 July 6/7 Klitschnass Festival3
 Summer Kids Camps4
 May 23 Firmenlauf1
 June 5-9 Feel Good Week2
 June 8/15/22 Tour de Wohnheim2

Opening event outdoor areas with beach volleyball tournament

 Sept 16 PUTZdam1
WettkampfmanagementJuly 6/7 Water Games at Klitschnass Festival2

*Subject to change until the date of the information event.