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Education and further education

Welcome to the training and further education area of the Academic Sports Center, which is divided into three areas.

On the one hand, we offer classic education formats with the corresponding licence acquisition. Here, interested people with no previous experience as well as those with previous experience can book courses, taking into account the relevant requirements.

The educational workshops are primarily aimed at already active exercise leaders who want to deepen their specialist knowledge with current topics.

Our conventions are special event formats. Here, both beginners and professionals train together and are inspired by current trends and innovations from the fitness scene.

All education and further education courses are certified by the University of Potsdam and the Academic Sports Center. The completed teaching units are recognised in the internal fee system of the Academic Sports Center for exercise instructors. Recognition of the teaching units by the various professional and state associations is currently not possible or only possible to a limited extent.

You can find further recommended educational events from the region, including

at adh,

the ESAB

or at the Märkischen Turnerbund.