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The math app by Ulrich Kortenkamp is designed to help children understand the value of numbers. | Photo: AdobeStock/Dani

Hundreds in Bundles – A mathematics app to help children understand the place value of numbers

As with many other problems, the Covid-19 crisis is relentlessly exposing the digital deficits in many German schools and school systems. Even in... more
Vittoria Sposini and Samudrajit Thapa in Venice. | Photo: Dr. Fereydoon Taheri

In My Little Chamber – The Difficult Task of Writing a Doctoral Thesis During the Corona Crisis

On the corona pandemic – contributions from the University of Potsdam
Vittoria Sposini from Italy and Samudrajit Thapa from India are PhD students in the Theoretical Physics Group of Prof. Ralf Metzler at the Institute... more
Dr. Jana de Wiljes. | Photo: Ernst Kaczynski

Bringing Order to Chaos – A Mathematician brings together data and models with improved methods

Small variations can have big effects. This insight is part of Dr. Jana de Wiljes’ everyday work life. The researcher works with mathematical models... more
Prof. Ralf Engbert. | Foto: Tobias Hopfgarten

I See What You See - Potsdam Cognitive scientists develop models for predicting eye movements

For some time, cognitive scientists have been focusing on the human gaze, especially when it comes to reading and viewing images and objects. We know... more
Datenassimilation findet in vielen Gebieten Anwendung – mit am längsten eingesetzt wird sie in der Meteorologie. Grafik: Andreas Töpfer.

The Best of Both Worlds - The Connection between the Weather, Amoebae, and the Human Gaze

Data is all the rage. Satellite images make the entire world available - in detail and around the clock. Humans, too, are being captured down to the... more
Welches Team gewinnt, ist auch eine Frage der Wahrscheinlichkeit. Foto: Thomas Roese.

Goals, Teams, and Theory – Mathematician Ulrich Kortenkamp brings together probability calculation and soccer

For some, soccer is a bore, since not much is going on. Others follow “their” team every weekend. Ulrich Kortenkamp is a soccer fan and Professor of... more
In der „Molekülsuppe“ von Zellen gehe es zu „wie nach einem Fußballspiel auf dem Bahnsteig: Da stoßen sich alle um“, sagt Prof. Dr. Ralf Metzler. Foto: Adrian Elcock

“Like on a Train Platform after a Football Match” – Researching the inside of cells with statistical mechanics

Beginning where others stop and describing the indescribable indefinable are Ralf Metzler’s passions. Statistical mechanics is his hobbyhorse. The... more
Picture: Medico International

When the Flood Comes – Catherine Abon Develops a Flood Early Warning System for the Philippines

With its 7000 islands, the Philippines is the world’s fifth largest island country – and a holiday paradise. Lying at the border of the Philippine and... more
Foto: Gilles Blanchard

Bit by Bit

Gilles Blanchard Uses Statistics for Machine Learning
Not only people but also computers learn. Character and spam recognition are examples of how computer programs automatically learn to make... more
Foto: Tonis Pan

Off to New Systems

Biologists from Potsdam Think about Biotechnological Applications
Synthetic biology is among the latest technical developments in modern sciences. It has huge innovation potential and combines a broad spectrum of... more