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Illustration for the project „HateLess“: A red finger is chrushing a man under a keyboard. The illustraion is from Andreas Töpfer.

Preempting Hate Speech – How the “HateLess” program helps young people free their schools from hate speech

Scrolling through the comment sections of news platforms, one sometimes wishes there was a delete button to remove all the hate mail, insults, and …
Children of different age groups solved memory update tasks in a research project. Photo: Anna Trapp


Why human working memory performance differs among people

Working memory is the intermediate storage device for the human brain. Its capacity is limited, even more so for people with learning disabilities …
Picture: Karla Fritze

In the Course of Life

LifE-Longitudinal Study Records Living Conditions across Generational Borders

There is something fascinating about chronicles: Like in fast motion, you can relate to events, how conditions and relationships have changed and the …