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“It Is Extremely Important for Historians to See Such Sources with Their Own Eyes” – Why Potsdam Students Are Excavating a Roman Villa in Spain

Students studying history or classical philology at the University of Potsdam usually learn about archaeological excavations from books, films, or …
Prof Neher explains to Matthias Zimmermann how the prototypes of new solar cells are manufactured.

My World – Dieter Neher – Professor for Soft Matter Physics and Optoelectronics

My daily life as a scientist currently focuses on our research into new types of semiconductors for solar cells. Some people may ask why this research …

"Reclaiming Europe" – University of Potsdam Supports Manifesto by the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities

The University of Potsdam is one of the first signatories of the "Reclaiming Europe" appeal published today by the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of …
Prof. Karen Ng (left) and Prof. Dr. Thomas Khurana

What Comes after Kant? – Researchers from all over the world network at the Center for Post-Kantian Philosophy to discuss major philosophical questions

Friedrich Nietzsche, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Karl Marx, and Hannah Arendt: In philosophical circles, and also beyond, these names are very well …
Eruption at Geldingadalir in Iceland in 2021

The telltale sound of volcanoes

Before volcanoes erupt, there is already rumbling underground. Recognising characteristic features in this “sound” is an important step on the way to …
Humboldt expert Prof. Dr. Ottmar Ette

Land of Longing – Romance scholar Ottmar Ette takes Humboldt to China – to a place that the natural and cultural scientist never traveled to himself

Ottmar Ette is freezing; he walked through the snow-covered Sanssouci Park to the university. "I've just come back from Cuba, where we had 31 degrees …
A new exhibition organized by UP students shows 30 pictures from the Revolution of Dignity 2013/14 in Ukraine.

A Fight for Freedom of Opinion and Independence – Students Develop an Exhibition on Ukraine's Recent History

A small red house called "Slowo" is embroidered with red thread on Danylo Poliluev-Schmidt's black shirt. The vyshyvanka worn by the student picks up …
Schriftzug an ein einer Schulwand

Let’s go to Ghana! - Day 12/13: Between school and the presidential palace

Students of the University of Potsdam report on their field trip in West Africa

Day 12: Insights into the culture Today, for some of us, the day starts just like at home - at school. We are given a private tour of the Apple …
The participants of the workshop for young geoscientists

Geoscientific Cooperation with India Strengthened – Indo-German Week of the Young Researcher at the Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology

A workshop for young geoscientists took place at the foot of the Himalayas in Dehra Dun from November 25 to December 1, 2023, funded and co-organized …
The Memorial Wall of Return at the Ancestral Slave River Site

Let’s go to Ghana! – Days 10/11: First impressions in Kumasi

Students of the University of Potsdam report on their field trip in West Africa

Day 10: Drive to Kumasi and visit to the Ancestral Slave River Site in Assin Manso After another five eventful days, we leave our accommodation in …