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News from the University of Potsdam

Selected Subject:
Prof. Dr. Florian Weck. Photo: Thomas Roese.

Together Against Anxiety – Florian Weck researches excessive fear of disease and how to train good therapists

When does psychotherapy work and when does it not? What makes a good therapist? And how can their competencies be measured? These questions are on... more
Since 2005 researchers have been continuously examining the development of children and adolescents in the PIER study. Picture: Karla Fritze

The Risk Inside – Psychologists examine which traits promote critical development.

The first data was collected in 2005. By now about 3,000 children and adolescents have participated in the PIER (Potsdamer intrapersonale... more
Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin. Picture: Karla Fritze

Literature As Nourishment – Research on a New Spatial Understanding of the Holocaust

Trauma and space – literary scholar and philosopher Judith Kasper brings these two terms together in a research project funded by the DFG about the... more
Picture: Karla Fritze

Learning How to Lose Weight

Psychologists in Potsdam have developed a training program for obese young people
They’ve just grown out of children’s shoes and are already too fat. Unfortunately this no longer a rare situation. Pathological obesity at an early... more
Children of different age groups solved memory update tasks in a research project. Photo: Anna Trapp


Why human working memory performance differs among people
Working memory is the intermediate storage device for the human brain. Its capacity is limited, even more so for people with learning disabilities... more
Pic.: Hannelore Gensel


Pleasure for Some, Torment for Others  
For the eyes, reading is a fine motor skill, jumping in quick jerks from one word to the next in just fractions of a second. Depending on one’s... more
Picture: Karla Fritze

At the Limits of Resilience

Workplace-Related Anxieties and How They Can Be Treated
It breathes down your neck: it chokes you. There is pressure on your chest. It sends chills down your spine. Anxiety has many faces. A briefly flare... more
Image: Anne Springer

Why Love Hurts

About the Relativity of Pain
Pain is a reaction of the body to an objectively measurable stimulus. How we sense pain subjectively, whether we rate it as merely unpleasant or as... more
Photo: GK „Intrapersonale Entwicklungsrisiken“

Stumbling Blocks

Psychologists at the University of Potsdam study childhood development risks
Learning disabilities, aggressive behaviour, depressive moods – developmental disorders occur quite frequently in children and adolescents. Which... more