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Prof. van der Beek becomes President of the European Geosciences Union

Prof. Dr. Peter van der Beek
Photo : Kevin Ryl
Prof. Dr. Peter van der Beek

Peter van der Beek, Professor of General Geology at the University of Potsdam, was elected to serve as EGU President for the term 2025–2027. He was inaugurated during the EGU plenary meeting on 15 April 2024 in Vienna, Austria, serving first as the EGU Vice-President (President-Elect) for one year. The elected candidate will then serve as EGU President for two years and finally as Vice-President (Past-President) for the fourth year.

With over 18,000 members, the European Geosciences Union (EGU) is the most important European association for scientists in the fields of Earth, Planetary and Space science research. Prof. Dr. Peter van der Beek from the Institute of Geosciences, General Geology group, joins the executive board as president-elect at the EGU General Assembly in Vienna in April 2024, to become the president for two years in April 2025. During his presidency, van der Beek aims to maintain and strengthen the forward-looking perspective of the EGU in issues such as equality, diversity and inclusion, open science, sustainable meetings, as well as further strengthen the outreach of EGU toward policy makers, educators and the general public. “EGU is a member-driven organization and I see the role of the president as listening to and representing the membership,” he says.

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