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Excellent Digital Teaching – 2023 E-Learning Award Presented at the University of Potsdam

Einige Personen bei einer Preisverleihung
Photo : Kevin Ryl
At the ceremony for the E-Learning Award of the University of Potsdam (from left to right): Dr. Britta van Kempen, David Bender, Dr. Tobias Möbert, Ann-Marie Gursch, Prof. Dr. Ulrike Lucke, Prof. Dr. Nina Brendel

Prof. Dr. Nina Brendel has won the 2023 E-Learning Award of the University of Potsdam. The Professor for Geograpy Education received the award for her “Lecture in the age of a new learning and examination culture”, which was characterized, above all, by a participatory approach to examination design in a hybrid setting. The award conferred by the Executive Board of the University of Potsdam honors innovative and successful e-learning scenarios in university teaching. This year, the award endowed with 5,000 euros was dedicated to “E-Assessments”. The nominations were for exceptionally creative concepts, their implementation and approaches, which can be utilized more broadly in a subject-specific or interdisciplinary way.

Other teaching projects that received recognition were the “Implementation of a learning progress check in Moodle throughout the semester according to the 4C/ID model” by Ann-Marie Gursch, Lilian Hasse, Prof. Dr. Ulrike Lucke, and Dr. Tobias Moebert , a cross-location, interdisciplinary course that focused on process orientation, and the “Open-book e-assessment in the era of AI” by economist David Bender, which left a lasting impression with its “strategies and solutions for the Introduction to Business Administration exam 2023” in times of AI language models such as ChatGPT.

The E-Learning UP Award, which was established in 2008, was presented as part of the E-Learning Focus Week, which also put emphasis on e-assessments. Instructors and students of the University of Potsdam exchanged ideas about tried and tested practical examples of e-assessments and the design of e-learning scenarios. At the end of the four-day event, the practical examples submitted for the award were presented on November 23. In addition to the three nominated entries, these included an online tutorial on criminal law and a digital correction process by Dipl. Jur. Jenissa Terzic and Ass. Jur. Anja van Bernum from the Law Faculty as well as the in-house development “Poodle – Pythonic Moodle E-Assessment”, presented by Dr. Marian Krawietz, which automates repetitive processes in assessments.

Recordings of the practical examples and the other contributions to the event program will soon be published on the Center for Teaching Quality Development (ZfQ) website, in the Teaching and Media section: