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Continuing Research Together – Launching the “UP Reconnect” Alumni Support Program for Researchers

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The alumni support program for researchers "UP Reconnect" enables a reunion in Potsdam.

At the beginning of 2023, the University of Potsdam will launch the new UP Reconnect fund-ing program. The support enables scientists and institutes in Potsdam to invite their inter-national research alumni to come back to the university for a short stay and thus strengthen their cooperation network. The program promotes cooperation between the hosting univer-sity and its international alumni and creates a worldwide alumni network.

In 2022, the University of Potsdam established a research alumni program that is man-aged by the Alumni Program in close cooperation with the International Office. The pro-gram is primarily aimed at (visiting) researchers who have conducted research at the Uni-versity of Potsdam and are now doing academic work elsewhere in the world. Graduates who are continuing their scientific careers abroad are also part of the target group.

The funding, which can be applied for without a deadline, includes a travel allowance de-pending on the country of departure and is paid after a stay of at least seven days. Scien-tists and institutes of the University of Potsdam are eligible to apply. All international alumni or alumnae who have previously conducted research at the University of Potsdam for at least three months and are currently living and conducting scientific research abroad, may be invited to apply.

UP Reconnect aims to strengthen the ties between host institutions and their interna-tional alumni and thus initiate more joint activities and collaborations such as research projects and publications. This will not only build a worldwide research alumni network of the University of Potsdam, but also increase the international visibility of Potsdam as a research location.

All information about the return grant and the application for UP Reconnect can be found on our website:

Contact: Juliane Seip, Alumni & Relationship Management
Telephone: 0331 977-1431
Email: alumniuni-potsdamde




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