Modern Historical Research on the History of Ukraine

Throughout the lecture series, scholars from Ukraine will give presentations to students on their current research. The topics will encompass a large spectrum of scientific interests to holistically represent research on the history of Ukraine. Each lecture will present a dimension of Ukrainian history – its people, values, traditions, characteristics, and identity. The lecture series will cover a large chronology – from ancient times to the events taking place in Ukraine today. Participants include archaeologists, historians, museologists, Ukrainian philologists, and representatives of public organizations. The topics presented will relate to unique archaeological sites, the origins of Ukrainians, the formation of a national Ukrainian identity, the birth of Ukrainian independence, issues of war and peace, ethnic diversity in Ukrainian cities, propaganda, volunteer movements, and the fullscale Russian war against Ukraine.

Participants will receive a certificate upon successful completion of the course.
Lecture series: until December 19th, Monday 15:00 - 17:00 (CET)

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Sabine Schwarz