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The chair for Design and Test Methodology lead by Prof. Miloš Krstić has several research directions, related to the broader area of computer engineering. The main activities are related to the design methods of fault tolerant computing systems. The focus is there paid to adaptive use of fault tolerance at various levels of abstraction, up to multi-processor system level. Additionally, the robust design methods are also of significant interest. As an example, the design methods based on globally asynchronous locally synchronous method can lead to switching noise reduction of more than 20 dB, as confirmed in silicon measurements.  Finally, the radiation hard by design chip implementation methods for space applications represent another important research pillar of the group. In this context various methods for design hardening are explored, in order to guarantee correct operation in the hostile environment.

This chair is funded by Leibniz Institute for Microelectronics IHP in Frankfurt (Oder) and Prof. Krstić is also leading a joint lab between University Potsdam and IHP. The activities of the chair are closely aligned with application oriented activities of IHP in the area of microelectronics, chip design and wireless communication systems. The group of Prof. Krstić has very big experience in the chip design and test for various applications, including space, communication, sensing etc.

You can find us on floor 0 of house 7.

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