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Would you like to discover and use the multifaceted potential of international, cooperative teaching and studying for both you and your students? Do you want to start with a low-threshold, time-limited cooperation scenario? Or do you have some experience and would like to cooperate more extensively with your partners? Learn about...



++ Application possible at any time ++


++ Application possible at any time ++

Beratungsgespraech zwischen 2 Personen
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Information, Consultation and Support

We aim to be your partner in all phases of your teaching project - from brainstorming to evaluation! To do so, we offer you:

  • Information on formats of international teaching cooperation, with their potentials, special features, specific challenges, as well as practical examples and experiences
  • Partnering: support in finding cooperation partners
  • Help with designing COIL activities and projects and their integration into your course or module
  • Advice on the use of media and methods in collaborative teaching-learning scenarios
  • Support in the implementation of your COIL/VE projects
  • Feedback and evaluation: joint conception and technical implementation


Beratungsgespraech zwischen 2 Personen
Photo: ZfQ / pch.vector (Freepik)
Grafik von zwei Personen, die Puzzelteile zusammenfügen
Photo: ZfQ / pch.vector (Freepik)

Student Assistant for your COIL Project

++++++++++++ APPLICATIONS AT ANY TIME ++++++++++++

COIL.UP provides funding for student assistants to assist you with organising, planning and implementing your COIL/VE projects.


  • Funding period: current calender year
  • Scope and funding length: up to 4 months, 4 hours per week (until 31st of December)
  • Student assistants: increase in work hours (recommended) or new employment
  • Task: Supporting COIL/VE teaching projects


Funding can be granted if:

  • collaborative activities of students in internationally mixed groups are part of the project.
  • student feedback on the collaboration phase will be collected.
  • no other project funding is provided by KoUP or other UP internal as well as external programs (e.g. by BIP).


  • Submission of a project outline
  • immediate feedback by COIL.UP
  • Evaluation meeting after the implementation

For any questions, contact Frederic Matthe by email or phone (for UP -1784).

Grafik von zwei Personen, die Puzzelteile zusammenfügen
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Professional Development - Trainings and Workshops

++++++++++++ APPLICATIONS AT ANY TIME ++++++++++++

In addition to the individual consulting and project support provided by COIL.UP, you can participate in the professional development and training programs offered by the SUNY COIL Global Network. We cover the costs!

  • COIL Foundations: A systematic introduction to COIL/VE as a teaching-learning format [Dates 2023: 7-25 August; 9-27 October].
  • COIL Elements: Learn about specific elements of COIL/VE scenarios (activities, technology, team building, etc.). [Dates 2023: 7-25 August; 9-27 October].
  • COIL Design: Design your specific teaching project together with your collaborative partners. [Dates 2023: September 4-22; November 6-24]

For more information, click here.

You have questions or are interested? Payment codes you will receive from us. Please contact us!


FUNDING PROGRAMS - International Teaching

In addition to your personal commitment, you can participate in calls for proposals and the use of UP internal funding (esp. cooperation funding KoUP) , which marks an important contribution to the successful planning and implementation of your teaching project.

UP internal funding programs

  • Cooperation funding KoUP: Seed Money concept for the promotion of international partnerships (annually in December)
  • Cooperation funding „Teaching & Training“: Intensifying the teaching and training at partner universities outside the EU
  • Erasmus+: Blended Intensive Programms, teaching stays, stays for further education and training.
  • European Digital UniverCity (EDUC)

External funding programs

  • DAAD Programme - Central Call for Proposals
  • BMBF Funding Cooperation International
  • German-French University