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Internationalization ...  

Teaching, studies, and research can and should make a fundamental contribution to thinking globally about the important challenges of our time, finding transdisciplinary solutions. In addition, it is an important task of a future-oriented academic education to equip students not only with professional competencies, but also to enable them to act responsibly in international, globally networked fields of action. With the advancing internationalization process, the University of Potsdam pursues the goal of "further enhancing the quality and competitiveness as well as diversity of study, teaching, and research at the University of Potsdam while promoting cosmopolitanism, intercultural exchange, and a welcoming culture on its own campus." (Internationalization strategy 2020-24)

... through online teaching collaborations.  

Teaching and learning in an international context, the joint handling of subject-related and interdisciplinary questions and problems, communication and cooperation across subject, country, and cultural borders and the use of all the potentials of digitization enable the development of the diverse competencies that are needed in a connected world.  

Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) as a teaching-learning format combines all these aspects and brings together students and teachers from different countries. Embedded in local teaching pratices, COIL represents a kind of "internationalization at home" and a "bridge between physical incoming and outgoing mobility" (IS 2020-24) and offers all students the opportunity to gain international experience as part of their studies.  

We support you in the process!  

We invite you to get to know the potentials of internationalized teaching and to make use of them for your events. On our website you will find central information about COIL, exciting practical examples and experiences of active teachers and helpful handouts. With our offers, we would like to support you as best as possible in the conception and implementation of international teaching cooperations. 




Get to know the COIL.UP workspace, our information, consulting and support services for your virtual teaching collaboration, our partners:inside and networks.

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Whether you are just starting out or have initial ideas, you'll find information on basic COIL scenarios, examples, conception and ways to implement them in your project, as well as methods and tools.

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Information and Materials

Important information on the conception and implementation of teaching projects prepared in documents for download. You will also find links to useful websites and information portals.