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The OIL.UP project was founded in May 2015 and was supervised by the Vice President for International Affairs and Fundraising, Prof. Dr. Schweigert, to promote the internationalization of teaching. The project then took first essential steps by establishing and maintaining contacts  to international networks, by the initiation and support of various teaching cooperation projects or the organization and implementation of events (workshops, Winter School 2019).  

By making the project permanent in 2020, the University of Potsdam has created an important basis for internationalizingteaching and studies in a sustainable, structurally, and organizationally anchored way with the help of digitization and its many possibilities and potentials. Since fall 2020, COIL.UP has been a working area of the Center for Quality Development in Teaching and Learning (ZfQ) in the field of teaching and media.  

With our services, as well as the integration of the University of Potsdam into various networks and partnerships, and the close cooperation of the ZfQ with central institutions and actors in the field of teaching and learning, we want to promote and support the expansion of international, online-based teaching collaborations.