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Best Practice Examples

On the following pages you will find various successfully implemented practical examples. The courses that UP teachers and their partners have designed and implemented are presented in a profile format that takes into account key aspects such as partnering, learning objectives, course progression and didactic elements, as well as the tools used and the experiences made.

Let yourself be inspired!

Desk in top view with hands, tablet and statistics

Intercultural Math and Data Reporting

Mathematics didactics with journalism? Potsdam and Porto Allegre? Teachers and students have explored where the points of contact lie.

Forced Displacement and Migration from an International and Global Perspective

Students and teachers from different disciplines addressed the global issue of forced displacement and migration in a challenging, interdisciplinary collaborative project.

Arial shot of Beit Berl College in Israel

INTERFACE - Intercultural Language Learning

Student teachers of English/American Studies from Potsdam and Beit Berl/Israel get into conversation with each other and train not only their English speaking and listening skills.

Laptop showing an Adobe Connect Webcoference

Webmeeting - Social acceptance of CO2 sequestration and nuclear waste disposal

"Even small events bring valuable experience" Geoscientist Katja Heeschen (Potsdam) and Andreas Solders, physicist from Uppsala/Sweden, bring students together in a one-day event.