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Plasma Astrophysics — Group Members

phone: +49-331-977-extension
Interested students please contact Prof. Huirong Yan.

NamePhone extension/ officeeMailResearch institute
Prof. Dr. Huirong Yan
Head of Plasma Astrophysics
...2178  /  0.025huyanuni-potsdamde                          huirong.yandesydeDESY /                                  Potsdam University

Dr. Siqi Zhao 


...5439  /  2.111siqi.zhaodesyde DESY/UP

Dr. Sunil Malik 


...5439  /  2.111sunil.malikuni-potsdamdeUP/DESY

Snehanshu Maiti                               


+49-33762-7-7252  /  3L/17maitiuni-potsdamdeDESY/UP

Claudio Andres Rivera Pizarro     


+49-33762-7-7270  /  3L/18riverapizarrouni-potsdamdeDESY/UP

Parth Pavaskar                                   


+49-33762-7-7192  /  3L/19parth.pavaskardesydeDESY/UP
Ines Tietgen...1601  /  2.109tietgenuni-potsdamdeadminstrative processes UP