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Experimental Astroparticle Physics — Group Members

phone: +49-331-977-extension
Interested students please contact Kathrin Egberts.

Name            EmailPhone extension / officeResearch interests

Dr. Kathrin Egberts                        Head of Experimental Astroparticle Physics


... 5083  / 2.131

Cosmic-ray physics and diffuse Galactic gamma-ray emission, VHE time-domain astronomy

Prof. Dr. Christian Stegmann            Director of DESY-Zeuthen and Experimental Astroparticle Physics


... 5083  / 2.131

Astroparticle physics, gamma-ray astronomy with H.E.S.S. and CTA 

Dr. Clemens Hoischen


... 5920  / 2.134

Development of the transient alert systems for H.E.S.S. and CTA, transient phenomena and gamma-ray bursts

Constantin Steppa


... 5920  / 2.134

Population synthesis of VHE gamma-ray sources, unresolved sources in large-scale diffuse emission at TeV energies, advanced analysis methods using deep learning techniques

Ines Tietgen  


... 1601 / 2.109