Center for Post-Kantian Philosophy

The aim of the Center for Post-Kantian Philosophy is to promote innovative research on the post-Kantian tradition in philosophy. The past decades have seen a new surge in interesting work on Post-Kantian European Philosophy. This recent work is characterized by the fact that it cuts across three dividing lines that have limited engagement with this tradition before: First, the new interest interconnects various European traditions from 19th and 20 century philosophy that had been studied in separation from one another without pursuing their fruitful points of contact. Second, this new research cuts across continental and anglophone discussions that have now increasingly entered into a productive exchange. Third, this research is international to a new extent, bringing together not only perspectives from Northern America and Europe, but from South America, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa as well.

The Center wants to promote this new open engagement with the post-Kantian tradition and to relate its insights to the pressing social, ecological, political, and cultural concerns of our time. It  will thus develop new critical perspectives on this tradition and in turn bring to bear the insights of this internally diverse tradition on issues of contemporary relevance, from understanding the social conditions of our post-colonial global existence to the politics of nature in the anthropocene. In order to facilitate this new research, the Center for Post-Kantian Philosophy will host international researchers with projects on the post-Kantian traditions as doctoral, post-doctoral and senior fellows. In addition the center will organize a number of colloquia, workshops, conferences and lecture series that enable philosophical exchange on the post-Kantian tradition.

For more information about the Events, the Fellows and the Media Archive of the Center, please visit the Center’s Website.