Gäste am Lehrstuhl für Theoretische Philosophie

Gerad Gentry

Dr. Gerad Gentry is an Alexander von Humboldt Faculty Fellow at the Universität-Potsdam and Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin working on Kant and Hegel. His current research focus is on conceptions of purposiveness in (i) the emergent method of Hegel’s logic, (ii) epistemic necessity, (iii) ethical normativity, and (iv) aesthetic formation; as well as purposiveness as a unifying thread to Kant’s third Critique (aesthetic and teleological powers of judgment).

Fabio Gironi

Dr. Fabio Gironi joined Potsdam University in February 2018 as a Humboldt Fellow. His project pertains to the history of american philosophy, and in particular the personal and philosophical relationship between Roy Wood Sellars (1880-1973) and his son Wilfrid Sellars (1912-1989), as well as the philosophical movements of New Realism and Critical Realism, which influenced Roy Wood Sellars' work. Dr. Gironi has also worked on contemporary realist movements, and the philosophy of science.

Moran Godess Riccitelli

Moran Godess-Riccitelli is a post-doctoral fellow at the Institute of Philosophy at the University of Potsdam since October 2017. Her fields of interest are aesthetics, ethics, German idealism, Immanuel Kant, philosophy of imagination, and moral theology. Godess-Riccitelli received her PhD in philosophy in 2017 from the School for Philosophy, Linguistics and Science Studies at Tel-Aviv University. Her PhD project studied the productive functions of the power of imagination in Immanuel Kant’s Critical Philosophy and its necessity for moral practice. Her current research project examines ideal notions and their ability of being articulated through our aesthetic experience in nature. She focuses particularly on Kant and his followers in the German Idealism tradition.