Shared Leadership

Projekttitel: Shared Leadership in Innovation Teams (with a special focus on Design Thinking)

Projektlaufzeit: 2015-2018

Projektleiter: Prof. Dr. Katharina Hölzle

Kooperationspartner: Dr. Lars Groeger (Macquarie University Sydney), Prof. Dr. Jochen Schweitzer (University of Technology Sydney)


Despite many success stories about why and how multi-disciplinary teams are very important for successful innovation, not much is known how they actually function and specifically how leadership works in these teams. Can we assume that the formal team leader is also the informal team leader? Do creative teams accept a leader at all? How does leadersrhip work in a high creative and innovative surrounding where most team members do not accept any formal rules? Building on the specific case of Design Thinking as a novel and successful approach for innovation, this project aims at building a framework for shared leadership in a team-driven environment for creativty and innovation. This framework will later be large scale empirically tested in an international context, using companies from Europe and Australia.