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Workshop: Iodine

November 9th till 14th, 2015 in Khon Kaen, Thailand

During this week a workshop with participants from Thailand, Lao PDR and Vietnam is conducted. A mixture of theoretical background, interactive group work, lab analysis and e-Learning will provide the participants with a lot of new knowledge about the following specific topics: 

  • Iodine metabolism
  • Iodine deficiency
  • Iodine fortification
  • Assessment of the iodine concentration in salt and urine
  • Current status of iodine deficiency and fortification

Theoretical background

Here you can find all the publications we used to prepare the theoretical background of the workshop and some further information and links.

Publications used to prepare presentations for theoretical background:

  • FAO/WHO: Human Vitamin and Mineral Requirements: Download
  • M. Zimmermann and K. Boelaert: Iodine deficiency and thyroid disorders: Download
  • WHO: Iodine status worlwide; Download

Interesting links:

  • Iodine Global Network: Link
  • WHO on Iodine deficiency disorders: Link
  • WHO on Iodine status worldwide: Link
  • WHO Database on Iodine deficiency: Link