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CEPA Discussion Papers

The CEPA Discussion Paper Series was initiated in 2019 and disseminates research results by CEPA members and fellows to the scientific community and the interested public. Research findings published in a CEPA Discussion Paper reflect on-going research prior to publication in peer-reviewed journal articles or books. CEPA Discussion papers have been published in journals such as Research Policy, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice and Journal of Public Economics. Submission guidelines can be found here.


CEPA Discussion Paper No. 66

Women in management and the gender pay gap Download
Sondergeld, V. & Wrohlich, K. 

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 65

What is it good for? On the Inflationary Effects of Military Conflicts Download
Eydam, U. & Leupold, F. 

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 64

Public child care and mothers’ career trajectories Download
Huber, K. &  Rolvering, G.

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 63

Working Longer, Working Stronger? The Forward-Looking Effects of Increasing the Retirement Age on (Un)employment Behaviour Download
Gohl, N. 

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 62

Pigou’s Advice and Sisyphus’ Warning: Carbon Pricing with Non-Permanent Carbon-Dioxide Removal Download
Kalkuhl, M. & Franks, M. & Gruner, F. & Lessmann, K. & Edenhofer, O. 

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 61

Self-Efficacy and Entrepreneurial Performance of Start-Ups Download
Caliendo, M. & Kritikos, A. S. & Rodriguez, D. & Stier, C.


CEPA Discussion Paper No. 60

Urban pollution: A global perspective Download
Borck, R. & Schrauth, P. 

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 59

The Influence of Start-up Motivation on Entrepreneurial Performance Download
Caliendo, M. & Kritikos, A. S. & Stier, C. 

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 58

On Track to Success? Returns to Vocational Education Against Different Alternatives Download
Matthewes, S. H. & Ventura, G.

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 57

Foreclosure and Tunneling with Partial Vertical Ownership Download
Hunold, M. & Petrishcheva, V.

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 56

You will receive your money next week! Experimental evidence on the role of Future-Time Reference for intertemporal decision-making Download
Ziemann, N.

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 55

Emergency-Aid for Self-employed in the Covid-19 Pandemic Download
Block, J. & Kritikos, A. S. & Priem, M. & Stiel, C. 
Published in: Journal of Economic Psychology, 2022, 93, 102567.

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 54

Measuring Strategic-uncertainty Attitudes Download
Bruttel, L. & Bulutay, M. & Cornand, C. & Heinemann, F. & Zylbersztejn, A. 
Forthcoming in: Experimental Economics.

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 53

How Communication Makes the Difference Between a Cartel and Tacit Collusion Download
Andres, M. & Bruttel, L. & Friedrichsen, J.

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 52

Property Tax Competition Download
Borck, R. & Oshiro, J. & Satō, Y.

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 51

Optimal Carbon Pricing with Fluctuating Energy Prices — Emission Targeting vs. Price Targeting Download
Blanz, A. & Eydam, U. & Heinemann, M. & Kalkuhl, M.

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 50

Ticket to Paradise? The Effect of a Public Transport Subsidy on Air Quality Download
Gohl, N. & Schrauth, P.

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 49

A Lasting Crisis affects R&D decisions of smaller firms: the Greek experience Download
Giotopoulos, I. & Kritikos, A. S. & Tsakanikas A. 
Forthcoming in: The Journal of Technology Transfer.

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 48

The Causal Effect of Cycling Infrastructure on Traffic and Accidents: Evidence from Pop-up Bike Lanes in Berlin Download
Schrauth, P.

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 47

Job Satisfaction and Training Investments Download
Obst, C.

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 46

Pandemic Depression: COVID-19 and the Mental Health of the Self-Employed Download
Caliendo, M. & Graeber, D. & Kritikos, A. S. & Seebauer, J. 
Published in: Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 2022, 14, 10422587221102106.

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 45

How to Redistribute the Revenues from Climate Policy? Download
Eydam, U. & Diluiso, F.

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 44

Managers’ Risk Preferences and Firm Training Investments Download
Caliendo, M. & Cobb-Clark, D. A. & Pfeifer, H. & Uhlendorff, A. & Wehner, C.

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 43

Optimal Pricing for Carbon Dioxide Removal Under Inter-Regional Leakage Download
Franks, M. & Kalkuhl, M. & Lessmann, K.

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 42

The Intended and Unintended Effects of Promoting Labor Market Mobility Download
Caliendo, M. & Künn, S. & Mahlstedt, R.

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 41

What if working from home will stick? Distributional and climate impacts for Germany Download
Bachelet, M. & Kalkuhl, M. & Koch, N.


CEPA Discussion Paper No. 40

Did the Minimum Wage Reduce the Gender Wage Gap in Germany? Download
Caliendo, M. & Wittbrodt, L. 
Published in: Labour Economics, 2022, 78, 102228.

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 39

Gentrification and Affordable Housing Policies Download
Borck, R. & Gohl, N.

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 38

It’s me again… Ask Avoidance and the Dynamics of Charitable Giving Download
Späth, M.
Published in: Oxford Economic Papers, 2023, gpad020. 

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 37

The productivity puzzle in business services Download
Kritikos, A. S. & Schiersch, A. & Stiel, C.

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 36

State Dependence and Unobserved Heterogeneity in the Extensive Margin of Trade Download
Hinz, J. & Stammann, A. & Wanner, J.

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 35

The Social Power of Spillover Effects: Educating Against Environmental Externalities Download
Brenner, A.

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 34

The Long-Run Effects of Sports Club Vouchers for Primary School Children Download
Marcus, J. & Siedler, T. & Ziebarth, N. R. 
Published in: American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 2022, 14(3), 128-165.

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 33

The Distributional Implications of Climate Policies Under Uncertainty Download
Eydam, U.

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 32

More Opportunity, More Cooperation? The Behavioral Effects of Birthright Citizenship on Immigrant Youth Download
Felfe, C. & Kocher, M. G. & Rainer, H. & Saurer, J. & Siedler, T. 
Published in: Journal of Public Economics, 2021, 200, 104448.

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 31

Hate is too great a burden to bear: Hate crimes and the mental health of refugees Download
Graeber, D. & Schikora, F. 

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 30

Design and Effectiveness of Start-Up Subsidies: Evidence from a Policy Reform in Germany Download
Caliendo, M. & Tübbicke, S. 
Published in: Economic Analysis and Policy, 2021, 70, 333-340.

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 29

A meta-analysis of climate migration literature Download
Šedová, B. & Čizmaziová, L. & Cook, A.

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 28

Optimal carbon taxation and horizontal equity: A welfare-theoretic approach with application to German household data Download
Hänsel, M. C. & Franks, M. & Kalkuhl, M. & Edenhofer, O.
Published in: Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 2022, 116, 102730.

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 27

COVID-19: a crisis of the female self-employed Download
Graeber, D. & Kritikos, A. S. & Seebauer, J. 
Published in: Journal of Population Economics, 2021, 34(4), 1141-1187.

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 26

Global food prices, local weather and migration in Sub-Saharan Africa Download
Ludolph, L. & Šedová, B.

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 25

The Effect of Goal-Setting Prompts in a Blended Learning Environment Download
Amann, E. & Rzepka, S. 
Forthcoming in: Economics of Education Review, 2023.

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 24

The Leniency Rule Revisited: Experiments on Cartel Formation with Open Communication Download
Andres, M. & Bruttel, L. & Friedrichsen, J. 
Published in: International Journal of Industrial Organization, 2021, 76, 102728.


CEPA Discussion Paper No. 23

Risk Preferences and Training Investments Download​​​​​​​
Caliendo, M. & Cobb-Clark, D. A. & Obst, C. & Uhlendorf, A.

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 22

Side Effects of Labor Market Policies Download
Caliendo, M. & Mahlstedt, R. & van den Berg, G. J. & Vikström, J.

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 21

Entropy Balancing for Continuous Treatments Download
Tübbicke, S.
Published in: Journal of Econometric Methods, 2022, 11(1), 71-89.

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 20

Inefficient Cooperation under Stochastic and Strategic Uncertainty Download
Bruttel, L. & Güth, W. & Nithammer, J. & Orland, A. 
Published in: Journal of Conflict Resolution, 2022, 66(4-5), 755-782.

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 19

Choosing between explicit cartel formation and tacit collusion - An experiment Download
Andres, M., Bruttel, L. & Friedrichsen, J.

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 18

Drinking is Different! Examining the Role of Locus of Control for Alcohol Consumption Download
Caliendo, M. & Hennecke, J. 
Published in: Empirical Economics, 2022, 63, 2785-2815.

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 17

Do people harness deliberate ignorance to avoid envy and its detrimental effects? Download
Bruttel, L. & Güth, W. & Hertwig, R. & Orland, A.

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 16

Parental Leave Reform and Long-run Earnings of Mothers Download
Frodermann, C. & Wrohlich, K. & Zucco, A.
Published in: Labour Economics, 2023, 80, 102296. 

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 15

Selection into Employment and the Gender Wage Gap across the Distribution and Over Time Download
Granados, P. G. & Wrohlich, K.


CEPA Discussion Paper No. 14

Do Start-Up Subsidies for the Unemployed Affect Participants’ Well-Being? A Rigorous Look at (Un-)Intended Consequences of Labor Market Policies Download
Caliendo, M. & Tübbicke, S.
Published in: Evaluation Review, 2020, 193841X20927237.

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 13

What Makes an Employer? Download
Caliendo, M. & Fossen, F. M. & Kritikos, A. S.

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 12

Catching up or Lagging Behind? The Long-Term Business and Innovation Potential of Subsidized Start-Ups out of Unemployment Download
Caliendo, M. & Künn, S. & Weißenberger, M.
Published in: Research Policy, 2020, 49(10), 1-14.

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 11

Entrepreneurial Persistence Beyond Survival: Measurements and Determinants Download
Caliendo, M. & Goethner, M. & Weißenberger, M.
Published in: Journal of Small Business Management, 2020, 58(3), 617-647.

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 10

Strategic ignorance in repeated prisoners' dilemma experiments and its effects on the dynamics of voluntary cooperation Download
Bruttel, L. & Felgendreher, S. &  Güth, W. & Hertwig, R.

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 9

Does subsidized care for toddlers increase maternal labor supply? Evidence from a large-scale expansion of early childcare Download
Müller, K. & Wrohlich, K.
Published in: Labour Economics, 2020, 62, 101776.

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 8

Population Density and Urban Air Quality  Download
Borck, R. & Schrauth, P. 
Published in: Regional Science and Urban Economics, 2021, 86, 103596.

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 7

“Thanks in Advance”. The Negative Effect of a Polite Phrase on Compliance with a Request  Download
Bruttel, L. & Nithammer, J. & Stolley, F. 
Published in: German Economic Review, 2022, 23(1), 61-78.

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 6

New Evidence on Long-Term Effects of Start-Up Subsidies. Matching Estimates and their Robustness  Download
Caliendo, M. & Tübbicke, S. 
Published in: Empirical Economics, 2020, 59(4), 1605-1631.

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 5

Is There a Loyalty-Enhancing Effect of Retroactive Price-Reduction Schemes?   Download
Bruttel, L. 
Published in: Review of Industrial Organization, 2019, 54(3), 575–593.

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 4

Firm Size and Innovation in the Service Sector  Download
Audretsch, D. B. & Hafenstein, M. & Kritikos, A. S. & Schiersch, A. 

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 3

Labor supply under participation and hours constraints. An extended structural model for policy evaluations  Download
Müller, K. & Neumann, M. & Wrohlich, K.

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 2

Getting a Yes. An Experiment on the Power of Asking  Download
Bruttel, L. & Stolley, F. & Utikal, V. 
Published in: Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, 2020, 86, 101550.

CEPA Discussion Paper No. 1

The Causal Effects of the Minimum Wage Introduction in Germany - An Overview  Download
Caliendo, M. & Schröder, C. & Wittbrodt, L. 
Published in: German Economic Review, 2019, 20(3), 257-292.