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Windows Updates

Photo: ZIM

Windows Update Services

The ZIM runs a system for distributing updates for Microsoft Windows operating systems and office solutions on the campus of the University of Potsdam. Relevant updates and patches are first checked centrally at ZIM and made available to users after approval. This is to ensure that no personal data is transferred during an update.

Based on the WSUS server (Windows Server Update Services) from Microsoft, current updates are provided by a server at ZIM for the following German and English operating systems and Office solutions:

  • Windows 7, 8.x, 10
  • Windows 2008 - 2012 Server
  • Office 2007 - 2016

Older Windows operating systems like Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2003/XP/Vista are not supported. Updates of other language versions of the above mentioned operating systems can be provided after consultation with the contact persons listed below.

All updates classified as important by Microsoft will be made available campus-wide on a WSUS server of the ZIM after a functional test. The computers need a client to access this offer. This client is already present in the operating systems mentioned above, but must still be configured for use. The service may only be used to update the operating systems that are legalized by the 'Microsoft Select Contract' of the University of Potsdam. 

The service is only available on the intranet.

Despite thorough testing, the ZIM cannot guarantee that under all possible circumstances the patches can be installed without errors. 

Photo: ZIM

Installation and configuration of Windows Update Clients

In order for a PC to be able to use the WSUS server of the ZIM for the Windows update, some configuration steps are necessary. Please refer to the configuration instructions (see below).

You will find the link to the configuration programme in the instructions.

MS Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) | Konfigurationsanleitungen