Antivirus software

Malware protection programs (also known as virus scanners, antivirus programs or antivirus software) must be used on all IT systems. Regardless of the manufacturer, these are configured to provide effective protection against malware and prevent manipulation.

Windows: Under Microsoft Windows, check the activation status of Windows Defender, which offers good protection against malware.

Linux: On Linux, use ClamAV, for example.

MAC: XProtect is installed on all newer devices. However, ZIM cannot give any specific recommendations regarding antivirus software products for MAC.

Please report detected threats to the ZIM. There it will be processed or passed on accordingly.

Please also read the more detailed security advice from the ZIM at:

ZIM will centrally uninstall managed McAfee software in the background across the university.

If you wish to perform the uninstallation yourself, please follow these instructions: Deinstallation von McAfee - German only (2021/12)