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Antivirus software

Malware protection programs (also known as virus scanners, antivirus programs or antivirus software) must be used on all IT systems. Regardless of the manufacturer, these are configured to provide effective protection against malware and prevent manipulation.

The University of Potsdam has a license to use the software ESET PROTECT Entry with the program parts Management Console, Client Security as well as Server Security. The ZIM offers this malware protection solution as a central IT service. Thus, administrators of the UP can assess the current risk situation of the IT systems at any time and take appropriate measures.


User group

Employees of the University of Potsdam may use the software exclusively on the computers of the University of Potsdam. Private use (home use right) is not licensed.

  •     Employees on computers of the University
  •     Server of the University



If there are administrators responsible for IT in your department, please contact them first to clarify whether your computer should be centrally administered.

Employees without IT support from the institute can also obtain the program directly and free of charge from ZIM in individual cases. To do so, please send an e-mail to zim-serviceuni-potsdamde with the subject ESET.

The program is suitable for use with the following operating systems:

  •     ESET Endpoint Antivirus: Windows, MacOS, Linux
  •     ESET Server Security: Windows Server (on request for Linux Server)


End user

Automated updating of the program provides comprehensive protection against emerging malware. The program offers the possibility to scan individual files, USB sticks or the whole system. Furthermore, the program monitors e-mail traffic and Internet communication; it also provides certain protection when opening infected files. Due to low resource requirements, the system load for your computer is low.


The right of use includes the possibility to update to new versions free of charge during the contract period and ends at the latest when the contract expires.


Notes for decentralized administrators

The central management console enables you to administer your clients and server systems comprehensively in malware protection. Create your own rules, notifications and defaults for your systems as well as automated actions on incidents. ESET Server Security provides advanced protection for general servers, network file stores and multi-purpose servers.

If you would like access to the ESET Management Console for your area, please send an email to zim-serviceuni-potsdamde with subject line ESET Admin.


Detected threats

Please report detected threats to ZIM via our support request form:

There they will be processed centrally or forwarded to the institute administrators.


Please also read the additional security advice from ZIM at:


Alternative Programs

The ZIM cannot give any concrete recommendations for action apart from the product ESET and the already integrated malware protection programs for MacOS, Windows Defender and Linux.

Windows: Under Microsoft Windows, check the activation status of Windows Defender, which offers good protection against malware.

Linux: On Linux, use ClamAV, for example.

MAC: XProtect is installed on all newer devices.

ZIM will centrally uninstall managed McAfee software in the background across the university.

If you wish to perform the uninstallation yourself, please follow these instructions: Deinstallation von McAfee - German only (2021/12)