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Central web server | content management system

Illustration zum Dienst Webserver
Photo: ZIM

ZIM operates the central web server at the University of Potsdam [].

We provide the central content management system (CMS) "TYPO3" for publishing websites.
Here, several authors/editors have the possibility to publish websites for an organisational unit (faculty, institute, professorship, etc.).

Websites can be created with a variety of elements such as text/images, image galleries, videos and news. Further functions can be integrated upon request and successful testing.

The editors can edit the web content via the web browser and do not need a special web editor or knowledge of HTML.
The editorial guide (in German only) contains general information on publishing on the web and provides assistance on using the central CMS TYPO3 at the University of Potsdam. The documentation is constantly updated.

Illustration zum Dienst Webserver
Photo: ZIM

Usage information


  •     Organisational units can set up their own website (name "abcdefg") in the university's corporate design and maintain it editorially. The web address is then, for example -->
  •     Access to the CMS TYPO3 is via the central University account.
  •     If you would like to create a new website or appoint new editors for the organisational unit's website, please fill out the form and send it to by scan to zim-cms-teamuni-potsdamde

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