Server hosting

Foto eines Serverschrankes
Photo: Pixabay CC0

Chairs, working groups and project groups at the University of Potsdam can use server hosting within the capacity limits of ZIM.

Provision and setup of virtual server capacity is based on standard templates (pre-configured servers).

The user receives an IP address and a DNS name resulting from the name of the virtual machine and the domain part. With this data one has access to the individually configured servers.

The servers are integrated in the central IT infrastructure of ZIM.

Foto eines Serverschrankes
Photo: Pixabay CC0

Usage information


Virtual Windows and Linux (Ubuntu) servers are offered in three different sizes. The configuration can be found in the application below.

If you need further variants please contact ZIM. Together we will find a solution.

Changes of the technical contact

It is necessary to report any change to the administrative responsibility of this virtual machine. It is also mandatory to report annually to ZIM to confirm the retention of the VM. Before the deadline, the technical responsible and the applicant will receive a reminder by e-mail to the e-mail address reported to us.

Operation and responsibility

ZIM does not intervene in the operation of the virtual machine. The registered supervisors are exclusively responsible for the secure operation. The task of the ZIM is to provide the infrastructural requirements as well as their reliability. The technical contact must have the ability to look after the virtual machine on his/her own responsibility.

If the virtual machine poses a threat to the operational reliability of the infrastructure or if we do not receive a response to the reminder within the specified deadlines, the virtual machine will be shut down.