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Single sign-on (SSO)

Photo: ZIM

Users who have authenticated once for a web application can visit any other web application of the University of Potsdam that participates in Single sign-on (SSO) without logging in again.

After only one login you have access to all web applications connected to the SSO system until you close the browser.

Therefore, to logout completely, you must close the browser completely!


Photo: ZIM

How do I get an account at the University of Potsdam?

How to get a UP account you can learn here.

Connected services

Services of the University of Potsdam

Moodle - Central E-Learning-Platform

Organize courses online and provide diverse content

Git.UP - Software-versioning

Collaborative project management for software projects based on the version management Git


The central room booking and reservation platform of the University of Potsdam.


Campus.UP is the digital, personalizable working environment of the University of Potsdam.


Web conferencing at the University of Potsdam

External Webservices

DFNconf web conferencing

Access to DFNConf

GigaMove - Data sharing provided by RWTH Aachen

Share large files easily and quickly

TextGrid - digital scholarly editing for the humanities

Digital editing– research– archiving


The software store for research & teaching