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Proactivity and personal initiative

Proactivity and personal initiative at work: What are the consequences for employees if they go beyond the call of duty at work?

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Proactivity and well-being (DFG FA 458/5-1)

This project focuses on the implications of proactivity for the well-being of the actor.

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Innovation and creativity

Innovation and creativity - behaviors that are in demand in almost all professions.

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Dirty work

Do employees suffer from not receiving societal appreciation for their work?

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Gender differences in career development

Female leaders are under-represented in almost all business branches. Why?

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work, stress, and well-being

Work provides us with the opportunity to master challenges, to succeed, and to develop as a person. On the other hand, work also comes along with experiencing stress.

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Screening of mental workload

How can we assess psychological demands and strain at work?


PIER Project

Personal initiative can not only be found in adults, but also in children and adolescents.

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Transfer into practice

Our scientists offer supporting organizations with regard to psychological questions, e.g., personnel development.