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Work and Organisational Psychology

Work and Organisational Psychology Team
Photo: M. Studtmann
Work and Organisational Psychology Team

Work and Organisational Psychology deals with behaviours and experiences of people at work; as well as the interaction between work and private life. The main interest of researchers and experts in the field follows two questions. The first issue of interest are factors that may influence the performance and productivity of individuals, work groups and organisations. Second, factors that may contribute to the well-being and personal development in and through work are of great interest. Hence, work design, experience of stress, change within organisations,leadership, work in an increasing context of globalisation, teamwork, and all aspects of Human Resource Management are central issues in Work and Organisational Psychology.
All students in the bachelor's degree program learn the basics of work and organizational psychology. This includes basic knowledge of human resources management, which relates to recruitment, selection, and development of employees in companies. Students in the master's degree program can also choose Work and Organizational Psychology as specialization.
Main areas of research interest within the department are creativity, innovation and proactive behaviour at work; work and health; HRM; as well as work analysis. In order to increase the link between research in the field and its implications for the organisational setting we are strongly interested in co-operations with businesses.