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Transfer into practice

Students in front of a Computer
Photo: Karla Fritze
Transfer of scientific insights into work and organizational practice

As a research institute, one of our main concerns is to facilitate the transfer of scientific insights into work and organizational practice. To this end, we cooperate with organizations of various industries. Our cooperation philosophy here is characterized by a mutual give-and-take: We support you in dealing with your questions and addressing your aims, and you support us in our research. This philosophy has resulted in win-win-situations in the past, for example in an employee survey at the Kassenärztlichen Bundesvereinigung in Berlin.

Further cooperations are based on funded research projects , such as a recent project conducted with the Brandenburgklinik Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH in Bernau (see the  workplace anxiety project for details).

Moreover, we support the practical application of our field’s knowledge within the University of Potsdam. To this end, Dr Tina Urbach is a consulting member of the personnel development consortium of the university administration.