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FAQ Outgoing und Incoming

You’ve seen all the information about studying abroad and have also already obtained information from the International Office pages. You’ve familiarized yourself with necessary documents, or are an international  student  at the University of Potsdam. Do you still have questions? You will find further answers and assistance here. For further questions, please contact the Erasmus+ coordinator of the faculty and the International Office.

Erasmus+ FAQ for studying at the University of Potsdam


I am planning my stay abroad at the University of Potsdam. Where can I find information about courses and ECTS?

The course catalog is published in PULS on September 15 for the winter semester and on March 15 for the summer semester. You will also find a list of all English-language courses as well as the course catalogs of the previous semesters, which you can use as a guide for your planning. You can find the number of ECTS in the “Module Description” in PULS.


Who will sign my Learning Agreement if I am studying in the field of Economics and Social Sciences?

Please enter Ms. Franziska Stimming as your contact person or send her the Learning Agreement.

 When should I create my Learning Agreement?

The Learning Agreement Before Mobility should be drawn up before arrival. You can use the course catalogs from previous semesters for orientation purposes. You can update your Learning Agreement after the new course list has been published and you have registered for courses (this is your Learning Agreement During Mobility).

Where can I find out how many ECTS I will earn in the courses I want to take?

Basically, you can figure out the ECTS of a course by looking at how many ECTS are provided in the modules (even if you are taking the course, not the module). Each course is open in one or more modules that are compatible in terms of content.

Generally, a bachelor’s program course has 6 ECTS, and a course in a master’s degree program has 9 ECTS. You can find the module catalogs here.

To get an orientation for the ECTS, proceed as follows:

  • Log in to PULS
  • Under Courses go to “Search for courses”. There you can filter for English-language courses and for the institution (economics or social sciences - just follow your degree program).
  • Under the course you will find the structure tree with the respective modules. There you can click on the book icon next to the module title to get to the module description, where you will find ECTS information. The number of LP corresponds to the number of ECTS. The ECTS information serves as orientation for the Learning Agreement for international program students. The final number of ECTS for the course is determined in consultation with the respective lecturer and is noted on the certificate of achievement that you submit to the International Office at the end of the semester.