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Research Focuses

Modern laser spectroscopy and optical sensing for laboratories, diagnostics and process analytical technology are the core competencies of the Physical Chemistry Group at University of Potsdam (UPPC). Our group has an excellent laser-based equipment for measurements with high temporal, spatial and spectral resolution, for imaging, and for single molecule detection. Close attention is payed to the connection between fundamental (e.g., investigations on fundamental photophysical processes) and applied research (like optical process and quality sensing, OPQS). We have R&D projects together with regional, national and international research and industry partners.

Ultrafast Structural Dynamics

JProf. H. Müller-Werkmeister

Hybride Nanostrukturen

Prof. Ilko Bald

Optische Sensorik und Spektroskopie

apl. Prof. Michael U. Kumke


Dr. Toralf Beitz


Dr. Marvin Münzberg