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Current information, measures and offers of help at the University of Potsdam

On this page the directorate of the University of Potsdam informs about current measures and information in connection with the corona virus.

What's UP

Simulation of two merging neutron stars, each with a mass of 1.35 solar masses. From red to blue, increasing densities are shown.

Top Funding

Tim Dietrich receives ERC Starting Grant for exploring binary neutron stars | Photo: Tim Dietrich

Die Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University

Showing the Way

Ukrainian University Joins EDUC European University Alliance | Photo: PNU

Eine Illustration eines Eisbergs im Wasser. die obere kleine Spitze guckt an der Oberfläche heraus, ein Bootfahrer sieht mit einem Fernglas darauf. Der größere untere Teil befindet sich unter der Wasseroberfläche, auf ihm steht das Wort "Risk".

Transparency Helps!

How the Harding Center Enables People to Understand Health Risks | Photo: AdobeStock/jozefmicic

Prof. Miriam Rürup

33 Questions ...

... to Historian Prof. Miriam Rürup | Photo: Thomas Roese

The marsh butterfly lily, native to South Africa, is unique: half of all plant individuals carry the pistil of the flowers bent to the right, the other half to the left.

To the left or to the right?

Geneticist Prof. Michael Lenhard investigates how plants can tell left from right | Photo: Tobias Hopfgarten

Prof. Barbara Höhle

Instructive Babble of Voices

Inside the Potsdam BabyLAB – Lab Visit (instead of) Self-experimentation | Photo: Tobias Hopfgarten