Institute Council

The Institute Council decides on questions of academic self-administration and prepares draft resolutions for the Faculty Council. The Institute Council may set up temporary committees to work out delimited tasks and work orders.

Members of the Institute Council

status groupdeputy
- Nina Brendel (GL)
- Axel Bronstert
- Ulrike Herzschuh
- Sascha Oswald
- Manfred Rolfes
- Annegret Thieken
- Sabine Attinger
- Bertrand Fournier
- Maik Heistermann
- Oliver Korup (stellv. GL)
Academic Staff:
- Torsten Lipp
- Katharina Mohring
- Nicole Rudolph-Mohr
- Jan Lorenz Wilhelm
- Alina Nahrstedt
- Karoline Kny
- Charlot Hoffmann
- Caro Frauhammer
Technical Staff:
- Daniel Bazant- Ute Dolezal