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Prof. Thorsten Wagener, Ph.D.

Alexander von Humboldt Prof. Thorsten Wagener, Ph.D.

AG Analyse hydrologischer Systeme


Campus Golm
Haus 1, Raum 1.31
Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 24-25
14476 Potsdam-Golm

Selected Recent Publications

Gnann, S., Reinecke, R., Stein, L., (…) & Wagener, T. (2023). Functional relationships reveal differences in the water cycle representation of global water models. Nature Water, 

Devitt, L., Neal, J., Coxon, G., Savage, J. & Wagener, T., (2023). Flood hazard potential reveals global floodplain settlement patterns. Nature Communications, 14(2801).

Ozturk, U., Bozzolan, E., Holcombe, E. A., Shukla, R., Pianosi, F., & Wagener, T. (2022). How climate change and unplanned urban sprawl bring more landslides. Nature.

Kreibich, H., Van Loon, A. F. (...) (2022). The challenge of unprecedented floods and droughts in risk management. Nature.

Wagener, T., Reinecke, R., & Pianosi, F. (2022). On the evaluation of climate change impact models. WIREs Climate Change.

Devitt, L., Neal, J., Wagener, T., & Coxon, G. (2021). Uncertainty in the extreme flood magnitude estimates of large-scale flood hazard models. Environmental Research Letters, 16(6), Article 6.

Gleeson, T., Wagener, T., Doll, P., Zipper, S. C., West, C., Wada, Y., Taylor, R., Scanlon, B., Rosolem, R., Rahman, S., Oshinlaja, N., Maxwell, R., Lo, M.-H., Kim, H., Hill, M., Hartmann, A., Fogg, G., Famiglietti, J. S., … Bierkens, M. F. P. (2021). GMD perspective: The quest to improve the evaluation of groundwater representation in continental- to global-scale models. Geoscientific Model Development

Wagener, T., Dadson, S., Hannah, D.M. Coxon, G., Beven, K. et al. (2021). Knowledge gaps in our perceptual model of Great Britain's hydrology. Hydrological Processes 35 (7), e14288

Wagener, T., Gleeson, T., Coxon, G., Hartmann, A., Howden, N., Pianosi, F., Rahman, M., Rosolem, R., Stein, L., & Woods, R. (2021). On doing hydrology with dragons: Realizing the value of perceptual models and knowledge accumulation. WIREs Water, 8(6), Article 6.

Hartmann, A., Jasechklo, S., Gleeson, T. … & Wagener, T. (2021). Risk of groundwater contamination widely underestimated because of fast flow into aquifers. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 118 (20) e2024492118

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