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Graduation Theses

If you are interested in writing a graduation thesis (BA or MA thesis) in the field of Training and Movement Science on topics related to our research or if you want to bring forward an idea on a research topic of your own, please proceed according to the flow chart below.

Further information on the allocation of graduation theses can be found via the following link:

Guidelines for graduation theses

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Source: ATB
Steps to the Realization and Supervision of Graduation Theses

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Choosing the Research Topic

1. Advertised Project of the Training and Movement Science Division

Contact: Send an email to the head of the project. Please attach a personal statement / cover letter and curriculum vitae.

2. External Project

Contact: Send an e-mail to Dr. Tom Krüger. Please attach a personal statement / cover letter and curriculum vitae.

Stipulation of the Research Topic

Conversation with responsible parties; discussing the research topic; narrowing down the research topic

Preparing an Exposé

Table of contents:

  1. Introduction/Background including latest findings in the relevant literature; highlighting the knowledge gaps; rationale for the necessity of the planned research project
  2. Aims and hypotheses
  3. Project plan (including deployed methods)
  4. Expected results
  5. Time schedule
  6. Literature (pay attention to with DVS citation system)

Decision about Assuming Supervision

Finding and appointing a second assessor.

Propose a motion to the central examination office.

Realizing and handing in the graduation thesis