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BESSER-V: Underlying aspects of the self-rated negative occupational prognosis of patients in cardiological, oncological and orthopaedic rehabilitation- a qualitative comparative study

Project leader:  A. Salzwedel, PhD

Executive staff: M. Luizink-Dogan

Goal and project summary

Rehabilitation patients with a negative subjective occupational prognosis show a significantly reduced probability of successful return to work after rehabilitation. The aim of this study is to analyse and explain the negative subjective occupational prognosis of cardiological patients in rehabilitation. Therefore, in this qualitative comparative study, subjectively perceived support factors and barriers for the return to work of cardiological, oncological and orthopaedic patients with a negative occupational prognosis are examined with regard to their indication-specific and generic characteristics.


For this study, qualitative semi-structured interviews are conducted with patients from two regional rehabilitation clinics. First, 20 cardiological, 15 oncological and 15 orthopaedic patients who are undergoing rehabilitation and have a negative occupational prognosis, will be interviewed. 6 months later, we will interview patients again, this time by telephone, to check the relevance of the identified factors in the course after rehabilitation. The interviews will subsequently be transcribed, coded and analysed using the flexible pattern matching method.


Support factors and barriers for the return to work of cardiological patients have already been investigated by the research team in a pilot study (explorative study). So far, however, there has been no study to show whether the factors identified are generic and therefore also apply to rehabilitants within other medical specialties or whether they apply specifically to cardiological rehabilitants.

The study was registered in the German Clinical Trials Register (DRKS00031580).

Study duration

March 2023 – August 2024


Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund

Cooperating partners

Klinik am See, Rüdersdorf

MEDICLIN Reha-Zentrum Spreewald, Burg