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The research work is practice orientated and conducted at the different partner clinics. Therefore all the involved disciplines (cardiology/angiology, neurology, orthopedics, hematology/oncology, gastroenterology and psychosomatics) as well as the therapeutic segments (sports-and physiotherapy, psychology, speech pathology, etc.) are considered.

Moreover the different employee expertise will offer the opportunity to learn the rehabilitation research process and explain its complexity. The focus of the research workremainson the development of multidisciplinary evidence-based research, specific patient-group concepts, treatments and assessments relevant in medical rehabilitation.

Within the research there are differentiated assessments with focus on main points such as: epidemiology,intervention procedures, cost/effectivity evaluation and health care system indication. As an example, in cooperation with service providers, analyzes are carried out with regard to the effort (procedures) in order to investigate a differentiated cost calculation. Research is both oriented to assess the different intervention process and their possible improvement, as well as the cost benefit for the care providers.

Existing care structures will be as well evaluated for their efficacy in specific group of patients and appropriate interventions will be developed in case of proven need for optimization.