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Quality Seal – University of Potsdam is the first State University to Receive System Accreditation

The audit has been passed. For two years, the University of Potsdam underwent the profound process of system accreditation and has now been awarded the coveted quality seal as the first German state university by the examining agency ACQUIN, without conditions. Seven years after the first accreditation, the University of Potsdam has once again proven that it can ensure the quality of its degree programs and is constantly developing the fields of teaching and studies. “As part of the first accreditation, we committed to giving life to our system of quality assurance and development geared to the faculties. The accreditation confirms that we have largely succeeded. I am proud of that,” says Prof. Andreas Musil, Vice President for Teaching and Studies.

The University of Potsdam was system-accredited for the first time in 2012. It was able to demonstrate that it has a functioning quality management system with which it can independently carry out the accreditation of degree programs that the Bologna reform has made mandatory. Since then, the University of Potsdam has accredited or introduced and monitored about 150 degree programs. The University has documented how it ensures and develops quality, what measures it takes, and which actors it involves. Special attention was paid to the work of the Deans of Studies and the commissioners for Quality Management of the faculties. Based on this self-documentation, an external expert team checked out the quality assurance at the University of Potsdam for last year. Experts from science and professional practice, students, and a representative of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport for the field of teaching degree programs were on site.
What is going to happen next? Currently, there is a university-wide development process for a mission statement for teaching of the University of Potsdam that will form the basis for the degree programs. A first version of this mission statement will be discussed publicly at the university on November 6th . “The criteria we set ourselves are also included in our accreditation. This way, we continuously develop our quality management according to our own standards,” says Prof. Andreas Musil.
The system accreditation, which was granted without conditions, will be valid for eight years.

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