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At home all over the world – DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) Study on “Internationality of universities” confirms the University of Potsdam's outward-looking, open profile.

The University of Potsdam is international as never before and can compete in a comparison of large universities across Germany. This is shown by the project conducted by DAAD, HRK and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation on the “Internationality of universities.” For example, the University of Potsdam is No. 1 in Germany as regards the share of international degree programs: 31 percent. Brandenburg’s largest university also ranks among the top three nationally in the mobility of lecturer staff and English-language degree programs. 

The Vice President for International Affairs, Alumni and Fundraising, Prof. Dr. Florian J. Schweigert, says: “The efforts in recent years to set a priority on internationalization have paid off. In particular, we will attract more international students in the years to come and will also implement associated support measures.” Overall, the University of Potsdam was able to improve its ranking or retain its leading position for 16 of the 20 measured parameters. It was among the top ten 14 times and – among the 33 large universities that were compared – never below 20th place.

The project confirms that the University of Potsdam has a particularly international orientation of their academic programs. Thus, for instance, it is not only top in the state with its international degree programs, but also ranks far ahead in the categories of “International degree programs in post-graduate studies” (No. 3), “English-language degree programs” (No. 3), and “Double-degree programs” (No. 7).

The Uni Potsdam is also considered among the best German universities with a view to the mobility of teaching staff, as it ranks No. 2 in terms of both incoming and outgoing Erasmus+ teachers. The University of Potsdam ranks among the ten best universities for stays of fellows of the Humboldt Foundation (No. 10) and DAAD fellows (No. 7), where it in fact moved up five places in the rankings. 

The University of Potsdam made the biggest leap with outgoing students in the Erasmus+ program, moving upwards from No. 22 to 13, moving it in terms of percentage above the national average of German universities. Collecting “Profile data on the internationality of German universities” is a joint project of the German Academic Exchange Serivce, the German Rectors Conference, and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation in collaboration with the Association for Empirical Studies. It was conducted in 2018 for the ninth time.

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