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Staff of the 2. cohort

Photo: Tina Urbach

Involved doctoral candidates / Ph.D. students since 2014

Hoffmann, SvenjaM. Sc.Counseling PsychologyDisordered eating behavior and gender
Holl, Anna KatharinaDipl.-Psych.Developmental PsychologyTheory of Mind, executive functions and antisocial behavior
Jendrzyca, AnnaM.A.Counseling PsychologyThe role of weight status and weight stigma in childhood and adolescence
Jung, JanisDipl.-Psych.Social PsychologyFormation and consolidation of aggressive patterns of behavior in childhood and adolescence
Kirsch, FabianM. Sc.Social PsychologyAnger regulation and aggression in middle childhood
Lensing, NeleDipl.-Psych.Developmental PsychologyExecutive functions and eating behavior
Löweke, SebastianDipl.-Psych.Educational PsychologyReading frequency, reading motivation and reading competences
Meiser, SusanneM. Sc.Clinical PsychologyDysfunctional cognitions and depression in childhood and adolescence
Meixner, JohannesDipl.-Psych.Educational PsychologyThe development of eye movement parameters in a longitudinal perspective
Petersen, FinjaM. Sc.Clinical PsychologyDeterminants of the course of math disabilities
Warner, GretaDipl.-Psych.Work and Organizational PsychologyPersonal initiative and its importance for the development of reading competence