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Research Topics


The integration of research approaches in terms of public and private governance at all levels of Local, Urban, Regional, National, European up to Global governance.

Jochen Franzke, Norbert Gronau, Ulfert Gronewold, Werner Jann, Kristine Kern, Sabine Kuhlmann, Andrea Liese, Dieter Wagner

Organizational Development and Research

Organization Development and Research form the bracket of the theoretical and empirical interdisciplinary center at all levels of governance. The organization-theoretic approach in and between public and private organizations is known in research and teaching as well as in the public by the “Potsdamer Organisationswissenschaftliche Seminar” and their publications in the “Interdisziplinäre Organisations- und Verwaltungsforschung”.

Maja Apelt, Thomas Edeling, Norbert Gronau, Ulfert Gronewold, Uta Herbst, Werner Jann, Andrea Liese, Isabella Proeller, Dieter Wagner, Theresa Wobbe

Organization and Reforms of Governments and Administrative Systems

Within the theme of organization and reforms of governments and administrative systems our fellows work on administrative science and public management-oriented analyzes of ministries and agencies, public-private partnerships, regulation and De-reregulation, services and marketing, based on a national, regional and international-comparative perspective.

Falk Daviter, Jochen Franzke, Norbert Gronau, Werner Jann, Sabine Kuhlmann, Isabella Proeller, Christoph Reichard

Public Policy

Within the field of public policy we analyzes in different policy areas, both nationally and internationally as in the labor market, broadcasting and media, enviroment, and particularly the field of global public policies.

Falk Daviter, Jochen Franzke, Harald Fuhr, Steffen Ganghof, Uta Herbst, Werner Jann, Kristine Kern

Local Government and Administration

All issues of local politics and local government, are carried out at the Institute of Local Government Studies KWI, with emphasis on reforms with the involvement of approaches to the issue of "citizen´s community" and the international debate on sub-national governance.

Thomas Edeling, Jochen Franzke, Norbert Gronau, Ulfert Gronewold, Uta Herbst, Kristine Kern, Sabine Kuhlmann, Isabella Proeller, Christoph Reichard, Dieter Wagner

Public Enterprises

In this field we analyze Structural change in the public sector in Germany and Europe, aspects of liberalization, integration of research experience to cultural change in the management of public and private companies.

Maja Apelt, Thomas Edeling, Ulfert Gronewold, Uta Herbst, Isabella Proeller, Christoph Reichard, Dieter Wagner

Non-profit Organizations, Third Sector and Civil Society

Reserach and investigations in the third sector organizations, eg charities, sports and recreation clubs, NGOs, etc., to general questions of civil society institutions and their performance, even and especially in the international arena. There are cooperations and synergies with the profiled research areas at the University of Potsdam in the field of sports as well as in schools, school organizations, school administrators and youth services (in collaboration with the Faculty of Human Sciences and the Institute for Applied Family, Childhood and Youth Research at the University of Potsdam).

Maja Apelt, Uta Herbst, Heinz Kleger, Christoph Reichard, Dieter Wagner


Integration of new information and communication technologies in the public administration is one of the future topics. The special locational advantages of Potsdam and Babelsberg are important, especially the contact with the Hasso Plattner Institute and the Institute of Computer Science.

Norbert Gronau, Christoph Reichard, Dieter Wagner

Regulation and De-Regulation

Better regulation is an often required instrument of policy making processes. The analysis of current national and international efforts to better regulation, e.g. through actions on regulatory impact assessment (RIA), Standard Cost Model (SCM), experimental legislation, etc., are focused by the research group "Better Regulation".

Falk Daviter, Werner Jann, Sabine Kuhlmann

Development Policy and International Relations

Combination of theories of international relations and development policy with public administration and public organizations.

Harald Fuhr, Andrea Liese, Dieter Wagner

An overview of current research projects and additional information can be found on the website of the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences