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  • Potsdam Centrum für Politik und Management (PCPM)

Welcome to the Potsdam Center for Policy and Management (PCPM)

The Potsdam Center for Policy and Management (PCPM) is responsible for the coordination and representation of the focus area Public Policy, Administration and Management of University of Potsdam's Department of Economics and Social Sciences. The PCPM is supported by the university-owned, non-profit UP Transfer GmbH at the University of Potsdam.

On the following pages you will find detailed information about the PCPM's different focus areas such as Research and Teaching, Executive Education and Consulting.


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New Publication: Steering of Public Enterprises in Municipalities

Through a survey among executives in public enterprises Dr. Tobias Krause and Prof. Dr. Isabella Proeller studied how German municipalities steer their holdings.

WIPCAD Lecture Series

The Research Colloquium of the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences.

New WIPCAD PhD students selected

We are proud and warmly welcome our two new PhD students Hoda Salaheddin (MA American University in Cairo) and Vorawan Wannalak (MPM Potsdam). They succeeded in a competitive selection process against 45 applicants and will join WIPCAD funded by the DAAD.

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Results of a Web Survey on the Future of European Public Administration Presented at EGPA

On the occasion of this year's conference of the European Group for Public Administration (EGPA), Werner Jann, Geert Bouckaert and Jana Bertels will present the results of a web survey on the future of European Public Administration.

The survey was addressed to the participants of last year's EGPA conference in Toulouse and EGPA members who indentified the most important challenges, but also the most needed developments in the field in the next decades. Their answers reflect important positions and contradictions among European Public Administration scholars. The survey was conducted in the context of an ongoing project to develop common European Perspectives for Public Administration (EPPA).

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MA NIA has started!

In the summer semester 2016, the new master's degree program National and International Administration and Policy started at Potsdam University.

The English language program with its focus on the national and international management in an interdisciplinary perspective is unique in Germany. A special feature of the program is the fast-track doctoral stream in which students can attend preparatory courses for a following doctoral dissertation.

All information about the program can be found in the flyer.