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Campus Griebnitzsee - Haus 1
Campus Griebnitzsee - Haus 6
Campus Griebnitzsee - Haus 6
Internationale Studentengruppe vor Haus 1 - Campus Griebnitzsee

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Welcome to the Potsdam Center for Policy and Management (PCPM)

The Potsdam Center for Policy and Management (PCPM) is responsible for the coordination and representation of the focus area Public Policy, Administration and Management of University of Potsdam's Department of Economics and Social Sciences. The PCPM is supported by the university-owned, non-profit UP Transfer GmbH at the University of Potsdam.

On the following pages you will find detailed information about the PCPM's different focus areas such as Research and Teaching, Executive Education and Consulting.


The picture shows a group of participants at the EGPA Conference.

The EGPA Conference 2022 in Lisbon

From September 06-09, 2022, members of the Chairs of Public and Nonprofit Management and Policy, Administration, and Organization participated in the EGPA Conference. | Foto: privat

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Research project by the Chair of Politics and Governance in Germany: STATECORP

STATECORP investigates the relevance of decision-making processes and historical legacies for corporate patterns in Norway and Sweden.

The picture shows the Reichstag building in Berlin.

Research project on governmental and administrative action during the COVID-19 crisis

As part of the project, a team from the Chair of Political Science, Administration and Organisation is investigating crisis management during the Corona Crisis in Germany.

Contribution to the "Handbook on Digitization in Government and Administration"

Members of the Chair of Public and Nonprofit Management write about virtual teams and home office in public administration.

Further development of control in the Swiss Federal Administration

Prof. Dr. Isabella Proeller writes in V&M about findings from the evaluation of the New Leadership Model for the Federal Administration (NFB).

Philipp Kuscher wins Science Dialog

Together with Vera Spitzer, Philipp Kuscher presented the eGovCampus project at this year's Science Dialog and completely convinced the jury.

Textbook on "Public Administration in Germany" breaks the 100,000 downloads and inspires others

The textbook has been downloaded over 100,000 times and has inspired a Japanese research group for a similar book project.

MEGA 11: second course module in Potsdam

The second module of the MEGA 11 cohort took place from June 20 to July 1, 2022 in Potsdam-Griebnitzsee under the direction of Prof. Dr. Proeller.

Article published: Policy labs as arenas for boundary spanning

A team at the chair for German Politics and Government publishes an article investigating the role of policy labs for the digital transformation in Germany.

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Article published: Digitalisation labs in the German federal system

The article shows how digitisation labs bring together different actors to achieve innovative policy-making.

DFG Project: From Governance experiments to decarbonization

Professor Fuhr et al. research sufficient and necessary conditions for a political institutionalization of climate protection measures.

Post graduate program: "Mittelstadt als Mitmachstadt": Digital Transformation in medium-sized cities

The Chair of Political Science, Administration and Organisation is developing a Research Training Group with teams from RWTH Aachen University and the University of Stuttgart.

BMBF Project: Data as the Basis of Scientific Policy Advice

A team from the Chair of Political Science, Administration and Organization prepared an expert report for the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).


Master of Public Management: Application deadline extended!

We are pleased to announce that the application deadline for the Master of Public Management (MPM) program has been extended until May 31, 2022.

Cover Lehrbuch

Textbook on "Public Administration in Germany" downloaded more than 80,000 times

The textbook on public administration in Germany, published by Kuhlmann, Proeller, Schimanke and Ziekow, has been a great success.

Aktenordner und Computer

New project with University of Bochum on the digitalization of the administration

The project looks at the transformations in the public administration as a result of digitalization and automation and analyzes the effects on employees and administrative processes.

Teleworking during the pandemic: Study on flexible working models in public administration

Findings of a study by the Chair of Public and Nonprofit Management and PwC on hybrid working models in the public sector are available now.

New article of the chair team published at PMR

The open-access study on crisis resilience in government shows that the transition to home office was less challenging than expected.

New Work – New Project for the E-Government Campus

The E-Government Campus has won a new project on the topic of "New Work - New Working and Leading in Digitalized Administrative Structures".

German research foundation (DFG) project launched

The DFG supports a cooperation between the University of Potsdam (Prof. Proeller, Prof. Kuhlmann) and external partners from Vienna and Zürich.

Focus on:
Bergström/Franzke/Kuhlmann/Wayenberg (Hrsg.): The Future of Local Self-Government

The book (eds. Bergström/Franzke/Kuhlmann/Wayenberg; Palgrave) presents new research findings on the challenges of local government in various European countries.

Cover Lehrbuch

Textbook Public Administration in Germany

The book “Public Administration in Germany”, in which Sabine Kuhlmann, Dieter Schimanke and Jan Ziekov participated alongside Prof. Isabella Proeller as editors, was published in open access.

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Article published: the use of "big data algrorithm system" (BDAS) in early crisis detection

The decision making in all levels of government is increasingly based on Big Data Algorithmic System (BDAS). The article focuses on the application of early crisis detection.

Cover IRAS

"Opportunity management of the COVID-19 pandemic" published in IRAS

The IRAS article (Kuhlmann/Bouckaert/Galli/Reiter/Van Hecke) examines the COVID-19 pandemic as a window of opportunity for policy and management in a global perspective.

Abstract des Beitrages

Article published: Coping with the Corona crisis in the German multi-level system

Sabine Kuhlmann and Jochen Franzke analyze how the various levels of government have reacted to the crisis and to what extent the pandemic has changed the interaction in the multi-level system.

DFG Project: New governance arrangements and the nation state

Professor Fuhr et al. explored new governance arrangements in international climate politics.