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Maximilian Karl, M.Sc.

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter (BIRD)


Campus Golm
Haus 70
Raum 1.14

Universität Potsdam
Institut für Informatik und
Computational Science
An der Bahn 2
14476 Potsdam

Curriculum Vitae

Maximilian Karl graduated in 2020 his master in applied computer science at the Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin. Afterwards he worked at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin as scientific researcher in a BMBF founded project called DiP-iT (Digitales Programmieren im Team At the end of 2022 he started his PhD about the support of collaborative and cooperative programming in teams. At the beginning of 2023 he started to work as  scientific researcher at the university Potsdam. He works in the project BIRD at the chair for Complex Multimedia Application Architectures.

Research Interests

  • Learning Analytics
  • Educational Data Mining
  • Support of cooperative and collaborative Teamwork
  • Pair Programming in education