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Lars Michel, M.Sc.


Campus Golm
Haus 70
Raum 1.18

Universität Potsdam
Institut für Informatik und
Computational Science
An der Bahn 2
14476 Potsdam

Curriculum Vitae

Lars Michel began studying computer science at the University of Potsdam in 2015. After graduating and obtaining his Bachelor's degree, he did not hesitate to combine this with a Master's degree in Computational Science at the same university. This was completed in 2023 with the award of the Master of Science.

To close gaps in his studies, Lars decided to take a part-time job as a graduate assistant at the Institute of Computer Science at the University of Potsdam in 2022, as his introduction to the BMBF project "Computer Assistance for the Validation and Accreditation of Study Regulations to Improve Studyability" (CAVAS+), where he learned and performed tasks in varying aspects of front-end development. Upon graduation, Lars was promoted from graduate assistant to scientific staff member in January 2024, where he is currently working on the interface between the front and back end of the project.

His research interests include multimedia science fields, including virtual reality (VR), and anything related to order and organization in projects. In his spare time, he does media editing for image, audio and video.


  • Lars Michel. 2020. Automatisierte Flow-Messung von Virtual-Reality-Anwendungen. Bachelorarbeit im Studiengang Informatik/Computational Science, Universität Potsdam
  • Lars Michel. 2023. Ableitung von Gestaltungsrichtlinien für eine Second-User-Komponente im VR-Klassenzimmer zur Unterstützung von Social Presence. Masterarbeit im Studiengang Computational Science, Universität Potsdam

Scientific articles

  • Dietmar Zoerner, Paul Beschorner, Lars Michel, Ulrike Lucke. 2021. Minimal-invasive Messung lernrelevanter Parameter für den Einsatz im Game-based Learning. DELFI 2021: 193-198